Data Conversion

Why Data Conversion to an Eprosystem Solution?

Outgrown your existing system and interested in our solutions, but concerning about your data currently resides in it, Eprosystem can help. By providing you with extensive data extraction options from a variety of clinical and financial software vendors, we can move your data into any one of our solutions.

Eprosystem’s data conversion technology:

Eprosystem has developed sophisticated software programs and procedures for extracting data from various medical records computer databases and converting the data for import into our systems. The procedures have been automated and tested.

Our technology supports mapping the fields from the your old database into a new Eprosystem solution. We link the data fields from several tables, such as separately extracted data covering guarantors, insurance coverage, claim centers, providers, diagnostic codes and procedures. The converted data is checked for validity and format. Careful analysis and thorough, step-by-step procedures provide accurate results.

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