Financial/Admin Systems and Modules

Financial Systems and Modules

Eprosystem financial and administrative servers and modules provide the front and back-office staff the necessary tools to automate charge entry, posting payments and tracking accounts, while supporting paperless billing and collection processes.
Information from the clinical modules are directly imported into the Transactions module to help simplify and automate the claims generating processes. An optional integrated internal HIPAA-compliant EDI engine cross-checks the claims’ information for errors, and then submits them in the HIPAA-compliant formats.

Financial Systems

  • Admin Express
    See how Admin Express makes it easier for your organization to manage the administrative and financial side of your practice. It provides you with the ability to process CMS-1500 claims.
  • Admin Plus
    Discover the most comprehensive financial system for any care-delivery organizations. Deep integration with EZ-EClaim (an internal EDI module) automates the electronic claim processes. It processes both CMS-1500 and UB-92 claims

Financial Modules

  • Patient Information
    Identity management, uniting demographic, registration and billing information.
  • Transactions
    See how automation of the transactional processes helps minimize claim errors.
  • Batch claim
    See how Batch Claims can efficiently send and track printed or electronic claims.
  • Financial/Admin Reports
    Comprehensive reporting tools provide detailed financial performance analysis.
  • Insurance Information
    Insurance data integrates with other modules to simplify claims processing.
  • Account Status
    View and track transactions with ease, detailed display of procedures and payments.
  • TimeLogic Scheduler
    Provides management solution to your organization’s human resources.