Medical Billing

Accelerate Cash-flow. Retain Control. Increase Profits.

Eprosystem Billing Services utilize the latest technological advances to provide comprehensive and flexible billing solutions that meet and exceed all your billing requirements, while allowing you to retain control over your financial environment.

We are committed to substantially improve your billing processes, with immediate and measurable financial results. Eprosystem solutions are designed to maximize collections and to eliminate your financial and human resource headaches. By partnering with Eprosystem, you gain an experience team that serve as an extension of your staff.

Medical Billing Services

  • Full Outsourcing Solution
    Discover the best value in medical billing outsourcing. Our goal is to provide the highest return on your claims without sacrificing service or patient support.
  • Extension of an In-house Billing Department
    Workload increases but not enough to hire another biller. See how we can serve as an extension of your billing staff.
  • Temporary Billing Solution
    Sudden loss of a biller or on temporary leave. Find out how we can take immediate charge and act as your interim billing department.
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