Document Management

Productivity and Efficiency…

As a healthcare provider, you are among the most intensive producer and consumer of information and documents. However, you are also among the least likely to adopt technology to improve on the process of managing your documents. More often, locating a medical record is almost impossible due to time, pressure to move patients through the process and the sheer volumes of documents required.

Frequently, as the patient is being treated by various specialties, the central patient record is duplicated – each department retains a subset of the entire record. What if the entire patient record could be made available and easily accessible to everyone that needs it, stored in a centralized location and information will always be the last updated? Imagine the possibilities.

All documents comprise part of a complete patient encounter cycle. Take a typical cycle: A patient is admitted, medical record is retrieved, a doctor’s referral is received or generated, treatment information is entered, lab tests are ordered, lab results report is received, an insurance claim is filed, and a remittance is received, possibly creating the need for a secondary claim to be filed.

At each stage of this encounter any number of departments and individuals may require access to and use of some or all of the related documents to perform their duties. Eprosystem comprehensive range of services and products solve this and many other document and information challenges.


Eprosystem Document Management Solutions:

  • Sharing of Administrative and Clinical Information
  • Electronically Managed Medical Records
  • Centralized Scheduling of Patient Visits
  • Automated Billing Processes
  • Electronic Claims Processing
  • Paperless and Automated Posting of Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
  • Digitization of Clinical Images
  • Electronic Capture of Loose Paper Documents
  • Conversion of Paper Records to Digital Files
  • Integrated Electronic Communication Tools
  • Ledger Report Archival
  • Reports Management
  • Automated Batch Print / Payment Capabilities