Clinical Systems and Modules

Clinical Systems and Modules

The comprehensive range of modules in the Clinical Server Systems connect each member of the care team to a single, longitudinal record, ensuring care is well-coordinated based on the most updated information. Our clinical modules can help you build an integrated

clinical infrastructure. From clinical documentation and collaboration to prescriptions generation, lab orders and mobile information access, these modules offer the manageability and functionality needed by today’s complex organization.

Clinical Systems

  • MedEssential
    Discover a complete-and completely simple-clinical solution that integrates clinical documentation components into one powerful and easy to use system.
  • MedAdvantage
    See how the family of MedAdvantage modules offers the best clinical infrastructure for increasing efficiency, enhancing productivity and reducing potential medical errors.

Clinical Modules

  • Patient Information
    Identity management, uniting demographic, registration and billing information.
  • Assessments
    Tracks a diagnosis/problem until it’s resolved. Longitudinal view report of all diagnoses.
  • Pediatric
    Custom forms designed to capture clinical data specifically for pediatric patients.
  • Referral
    The referral process is comprehensive and integrated.
  • Visit Notes
    Provides an easy to use, integrated solution for capturing structured and unstructured clinical information.
  • Progress Notes
    Treatment notes can be captured by a variety of methods that tailored to the preference of the provider.
  • Clinical Reports
    Collect and report clinical information, provides the flexibility to mold the reporting processes around needs.