EproMedical Pediatric module is specifically designed with unique features for pediatric patients. Comprehensive Immunizations tracking and automatic tracing of all measurements simplify the management of clinical services for pediatrician. Efficient recording and effective display of growth patterns provide the ability to compare a child’s growth percentiles and body mass index.

Pediatric Module Tour:

  • Special Measurements for Pediatric
  • Definable Data Elements Specifically for Pediatric Care
  • Display Information from Combination of Modules

Special Measurements for Pediatric

Clinical Modules - Pediatric

Attention to special significance of pediatrics’ growth. Efficient recording, graphic display, and special calculations of growth patterns. Head circumference, an important measurement used for care of pediatric patients, is a part of these growth monitoring functions.

Definable Data Elements Specifically for Pediatric Care


Special data elements are used in Pediatric module. Data elements are customizable to pediatric needs and used to capture pediatric preventive health care information and physical findings. The module provides efficient ways for user to augment the data elements with pediatric nomenclature that adequately represent pediatric findings.

Display Information from Combination of Modules

Efficiently gather and display the information needed to make better informed decisions. The reports are configurable, allowing you to optimize the display and access of clinical information.