Office Automation

Advance the Vision of a Paperless World…

As technology and healthcare automation are aggressively changing the industry, Eprosystem delivers effective and practical solutions to advance the vision of a paperless world. We provides a complete and integrated solution to automate the workflow processes for care-delivery organizations. We takes the lead role in providing and supporting practice automation and efficiency improvement initiatives to both help you understand and plan your organization to improve in the quality of care, increase in cash-flow and comply with governmental rules and regulations.

Practice Automation—Improve Your Performance

Eprosystem focuses on your organization workflows to develop process automation. We measure and assess your workflows performance, and provide plan to improve them. Examples of improvement efforts include designing a new service; flowcharting a clinical process; measuring outcomes; and selecting areas for priority attention. These processes are arranged into three areas:

  • Information Management
  • Financial Automation
  • Clinical Automation

» Information Management

Information Management addresses how well you obtain, manage and use information to provide, coordinate and integrate services. The principles of good information management should span across all departments. There are four focus sections:

  • Information management planning – How does the facility identify its information needs?
  • Patient-specific data and information – Does the medical record include correct and adequate information?
  • Aggregate data and integrate information – Does the office analyze the data and transform it into information that is used to improve patient care and to maximize billing efforts?
  • Knowledge-based information – Are the proper resources available to meet the office’s needs?

» Financial Automation

Eprosystem Admin Express and Admin Plus servers deliver process innovation and technology to financial operations. We help you in sorting through the growing complexities of financial objectives, with a primary emphasis on the design and selection of process improvement and automation. We advise you in medical billing, account receivable and payable, and compliance to HIPAA mandates. We assist you in developing and maintaining your IT infrastructure to support your financial automation-related products and services.

» Clinical Automation

Eprosystem MedEssential and MedAdvantage servers improve performance on patient-care by automating the clinical functions and processes, from an individual to organizational levels. Clinical Automation divides into two sections: patient-focused functions and organization functions.

  • Patient-Focused Functions
    Address issues such as informed consent, information confidentiality, assessment of patient, direct care, monitoring and determining the outcomes of care, and coordination of follow-up care.
  • Organization Functions
    This addresses integrating and coordinating services, medication management, laboratory services, and data communication with patients and business partners.