Electronic Claims

The Future of Healthcare Claims

Healthcare providers of all types are being overwhelmed by medical claims paperwork and inexperience at collecting insurance money. It is estimated that on average 30% of claims are rejected for errors and omissions and approximately 80% of the rejected claims are never collected. Eprosystem electronic claims module, EZ-EClaim™ can significantly reduce the normal rejection rate down to around 1 or 2%. By checking electronic claims for accuracy up front, the claim is put in a payable status when it is received by the insurance carrier, thus reducing payment turn-around time.

EZ-EClaim™ also reduce the amount of time you have to wait for payments. On average, electronic claims are paid in half the time of paper claims. Electronic claims shorten the payment cycle in two ways: First, an electronic claim can be sent to the carrier’s system within minutes and in 24 hours the claim is ready to be paid. Contrast this with the time it takes for the post office to deliver the mail and data entry of the claim information by the claim adjuster. Second, insurance carriers give priority processing to electronic claims. Medicare reduces two weeks off their payment time to give providers the incentive they need to send claims electronically.

EZ-EClaim™ can send claims directly to the insurance carriers, like Medicare, Medicaid and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. EZ-EClaim™ module work in conjunction with EproMedical, eliminating double data entry. The system has been tested and approved from various carriers.