Patient Information

Patient Information is a secure and powerful approach to patient demographic registration and records storage. The module help organizations to be in compliance with the security portion of the HIPAA regulations. Based on stringent security protocols and right-to-know basis, Patient Information provides the tools that help organizations to protect their patients sensitive information.

Patient Information Module Tour:

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Secure Access to Patients’ Record

Eprosystem Medical Billing Patient Information Section

To comply with HIPAA, patient’s record are accessible only by the treating providers and authorized personnel. Unauthorized users within an organization are not allow to view or access the record unless a permission has been granted for that user.


Find a Record Quickly

Multiple search criteria are available to enable quick search and access to a record. A record can be searched by Patient ID, Last Name, First Name, Social Security Number, Home or Work Phone Number, or Birthday.

Efficiently Track Information Changes and Updates

Eprosystem - Patient Information Tracking

Eprosystem – Patient Information Tracking

All changes and updates to Patient Information will be saved in the Edit Log. The log displays a list of dates and the Edited Data Fields with information that were either added or edited. The original information before the changes were made will be saved in its entirety and are easily accessible.