Referral Management—a must in today’s reimbursement environment. EproMedical makes it easy to maintain a comprehensive log of all referral information. You’ll have information on the referring provider and facility, treatment authorization data, referral dates and much more always at your fingertips. Easily produce outbound referral forms, and scan inbound forms with storage capability to save directly in the patient’s digital record.

Referral Module Tour:

  • Collaborate a Referral More Effectively
  • Efficient Import of Codes from Other Modules
  • One Click Email/Fax Report

Collaborate a Referral More Effectively

Clinical Modules - Referral Functionality

All of the additional information necessary—scheduling, insurance information, pre-authorization requirements—is handled by the system or by members of the support team.

Referral module makes it easier to collaborate with staff on a referral that requires physicians to spend minimal time inputting data. The physician identifies the patient’s diagnosis and the procedure for referral. He specifies what records should be sent to the specialist, such as today’s progress note, portions of the patient’s EMR, or images. Then he’s done.

Efficient Import of Codes from Other Modules

Diagnosis codes and procedure codes from other modules are efficiently imported into Referral, to reduce the amount of data re-entry and to increase the accuracy of the referral.

One Click Email/Fax Report

Clinical Modules - Referral System

With the complete integration with ViewPoint (email system) and i-Fax, sending a referral report is always one click away. EproMedical gathers the data, generates the report and attaches right in to the email. Select an address, click Send and you’re done.