Batch claim

Batch Claims Overview

Batch Claims module improves the workflow of business office and collections staff through multi-criteria claims search and direct access to claims data. The many search criteria available in Batch Claims help ensuring that no charges will fall through the cracks. Batch Claims support electronic billing, as well as easy access to claims information vital in responding to claim denials.

Batch Claims Module Tour:

  • Comprehensive Search for Claims
  • Direct Access to Transactions Module
  • Efficient Electronic Billing

Comprehensive Search for Claims

Comprehensive Search Claims

Batch Claims supports multiple search criteria to effectively narrow the search for claims. A single search filter can be used or it can be combined with other filters to generate a more specific search.

Direct Access to Transactions Module

 Direct Access to Transactions Module

From Batch Claims you can directly access any claim’s data in the Transactions module. You can also post payment and adjustment without the need to open the patient’s record.

Efficient Electronic Billing

Integrated with EZ-EClaim (the electronic transaction EDI module), you can efficiently send a batch of claims electronically. The process is fast and simple, and requires minimal amount of staff time. Many steps in the billing process are automated to minimize human errors and to simplify electronic billing.