HIPAA Privacy Regulations

HIPAA established a set of rules governing privacy and confidentiality of health care information for covered entities under HIPAA. The federal government has mandated compliance and healthcare organizations must comply on privacy and confidentiality by April 13, 2003


Eprosystem can help you comply through:

  • EproMedical ease your Privacy Officer job on assigning duties and responsibilities based upon HIPAA privacy regulations and improve your organization current practices.
  • EproMedical assists you in documenting your privacy practices. It can help create and customize the Notice of Privacy Practices for Protected Health Information for your patients.
  • Establish electronic Consent Form and Disclosures to Carry Out Treatment to meet the privacy regulations. Create and document a process to have consents signed by current and new patients.
  • Convert paper Authorization Form to electronic form that meet the privacy regulations. A process to have authorizations signed will also be created and documented.
  • EproMedical logs all patient disclosures electronically. A process will also be developed to prepare an Accounting of Disclosures to be received by the patient. This process will be created and documented in a policy and procedure to meet HIPAA privacy regulations.
  • Identify and document the process for accepting, responding, proceeding and/or denying requests for making Amendments to medical records.