IT Consulting

Develop your Organization IT Strategy

Every Organization needs an IT Strategy. It is the foundation of the overall business strategy and it is worth spending the time to develop one. Eprosystem can work with your team to develop a world class IT Strategy for your enterprise. One which will:

  • Clearly tie to both Business, Clinical and IT strategies.
  • Meet the many and growing needs of your staff, patients and business partners.
  • Size the demand, then design and cost architectural solutions for the Internet, WAN, LAN, Wireless and VPN services.
  • Provide a road map for the introduction of new network technologies
  • Explore and recommend a sourcing strategy.
  • Set clear metrics for the performance of the network.
Local Area Network (LAN)
A local area network (LAN) is a group of computers and portable devices that share resources from an EproMedical server within a small geographic area.

  • Ethernet Network
  • Wireless LAN
Wide Area Network (WAN)
A wide area network (WAN) is a network for organization with multiple locations in different geographic areas.

  • WAN
  • VPN

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