Web Portals

Intelligent Solutions for the New Economy

Eprosystem PortalMED™ technology provides a useful and effective information channel, which enables various content materials to be streamlined to users on request. With the global proliferation of Internet use, Web portals provide a mechanism for aggregating content. They provide a single point of access to information, applications, and business processes through a common presentation layer. Our goal is to deliver a common entry point, creating a mechanism to integrate your organization.

We work with your organization to develop the ‘Intelligent’ Portal that supports communication, and connects people with information and applications they need for performing tasks.

Web Portal Features
PortalMED™ features are dynamic and customized to your organization needs. Integrated authentication, content, and services is the ultimate goal. Key portal features include:

  • Content Management – a process of approving, authoring, delivering, maintaining, and publishing content integrated with, or accessed from the portal. This can be implemented as a separate component with a common database accessible through the portal.
  • Personalization applications – portal personalization can be achieved at different levels. Patients can access to immediate and updated personalized medical information. Physician can have immediate access to patient’s clinical information. An organization can set up its own setting. This feature allows a portal to be customized according to needs.
  • Collaboration – represents an important aspect of a Portal and is a powerful tool. It includes instant messages, document sharing, video conferencing, and virtual conferencing.
  • Visualization/presentation – We custom design your portal to make it easier to access and navigate for your users. We bring interest and excitement to your web pages.