Eprosystem has an extensive range of products that can help you build an integrated and flexible clinical and business infrastructure. We provide a single point of contact with limitless support for your organization, from software systems to IT and hardware products and services, we provide comprehensive solutions to even the most detailed business problems.

Discover how our products can be used to sharply reduce administrative costs, improve organizational defficiencies, enhance internal communications, improve patient care, and increase employee satisfaction and retention.

Software Systems and Modules

  • EproMedical Systems
    Find out more about Eprosystem integrated servers designed to support end-to-end solutions built on EproMedical modular infrastructure.
  • Clinical Systems and Modules
    Easy to use clinical modules with multiple data entry methods, we are responding to the hesitations from the physicians to change, due to fear from the high learning curve.
  • Financial/Admin Systems and Modules
    See how our internal HIPAA compliance EDI engine integrates with the financial and administrative modules to help you comply with the HIPAA electronic transaction standard.
  • Communication Modules
    To seamlessly connect you throughout the continuum of care, Eprosystem’s communication modules connect you to your patients, community and external business partners.

Servers and Workstations

  • ProLogic Servers
    Designed to maximize the benefits of your Eprosystem solutions, these servers offer the scalability, reliability and manageability needed by today’s agile organizations.
  • MedStation Workstations
    Demanding users seeking high-performance, reliable and affordable workstations in an advanced design.