About Eprosystem

See Further – Think Innovation

Healthcare is in the midst of a rapid and radical transformation. The government, technology and the Internet are reshaping the industry in unprecedented manner.

Eprosystem recognized that the practice of medicine has changed irrevocably. Through unconventional approaches and ideas we have developed a visionary healthcare information management system that challenges the traditional processes and opens new ways of doing business.

Eprosystem believes the power is gravitating to those with information and patients are becoming powerful consumers. By digitizing information and gradually eliminating the deeply entranced paper and pen-based system, we offer the manageability and accessibility to medical information in unique means that will deliver immediate improvement in profitability, increase in work productivity and raise the efficiency and effectiveness of medical care.

At Eprosystem, we are committed to four principles: Standardization, Simplification, Customization and Innovation. These four principles permeate through everything that we do.