EproMedical Systems

EproMedical Systems Overview

Decisions and time – you have too many of one and not nearly enough of the other! Providers and their staff spend a considerable portion of their work day trying to find information to support clinical and business decisions.

Have you ever stopped to consider whether the decision is being based on all the available information? If not, then do the documents you are basing the decision on contain the current data? Astoundingly, despite all the technological advances and the world is in the midst of the highly publicized information age, over 90 percent of the documents handled in healthcare are still on paper.

In today’s highly competitive business climate. To assure of success, your organization must complete work tasks in the most expeditious and accurate manner. EproMedical Servers design to empower hospitals, departments and collaborative workgroups with volumes of documents, tasks, and users. The expansive system design accommodates the needs of even the most detailed business problems.

Eprosystem’s foundation for the EproMedical Servers portfolio of integrated application modules, delivers the core infrastructure and common services across the following categories:

  • Business Infrastructure—
    The foundation for the core clinical and financial application definitions and work-flow model.
  • Security Infrastructure—
    The foundation of the underlying security model that support security applications across all infrastructure.
  • Communication Infrastructure—
    Support from the core communication services and operations and management services.
  • Collaboration Infrastructure—
    Support from the core data and collaboration services.
  • EproMedical Systems

    • EproMedical
      Discover the versatile information infrastructure for small to medium-sized organizations that integrates clinical and financial components into one powerful and easy to use system.
    • EproMedical Enhanced
      Find out how the integration between EproMedical and communication modules offers the most effective platform for information exchange and access, instant messages, and electronic mails.