EproMedical Enhanced

EproMedical Enhanced Servers

Reduces information management complexity.
EproMedical Enhanced Server is a portfolio of integrated software modules that provide the infrastructure for clinical and administrative functions, communication, security, and collaboration. Built with Component-based Modular Architecture and support for open industry standards, EproMedical Enhanced Server makes it easier to connect and manage your organization.


Engineered for enhanced manageability and integration, EproMedical Enhanced Server help reduces information management complexity and total cost of ownership, while enhancing security and collaboration. This means you can spend less time and budget managing your system and focus more resources on other priorities for your organization.

EproMedical Enhanced Server


Software Configuration

EproMedical Enhanced Modules

  • Admin Plus
  • MedAdvantage
  • EZ-EClaim
  • ViewPoint
  • I-Fax
  • MedCom Messenger


Hardware Recommendation

Server — ProLogic Power

Workstation — MedStation Pro

MedStation Performance