ViewPoint, the Eprosystem messaging and collaboration system, is the software that runs on EproMedical servers that enables you to send, receive and document electronic mail and other forms of interactive communication through your organization computer network.

ViewPoint meet the requirements from small practices to large enterprises with easy administration, support, and security. It is readily available for deployment and provides support tools to make ViewPoint easy to manage.

E-mail messages are sent and received within the organization through a centralized system comprised of a Master Account, personalized e-mail accounts and a separate storage account for each patient. Only the centralized master account connect to the Internet and private networks where e-mail messages are sent to and received from other e-mail users.

The ViewPoint collaboration features help you share information quickly and efficiently. Some collaborative events include maintaining and integrating a shared address lists from all modules in EproMedical, ability to grant administrators permission to access and distribute mails from the master account, allow users to gather customize information or report from any modules within EproMedical and to send it as an attachment with the email. You can also manage “rules” for processing messages on ViewPoint, giving you the flexibility to assign clinical or administrative status and automatic sorting of incoming messages.

ViewPoint Benefits

ViewPoint, along with EproMedical Server, is committed to provide the security and documentation of all incoming or outgoing messages. ViewPoint protects your messaging environment as well as your privacy with:

  • Sending mails restricted to authenticated users. You can allow sending only from the Master Account or specify which users can or cannot send mail.
  • Documenting all incoming and outgoing messages. All messages are properly documented to reduce legal risks. Messages are saved in both the Master Account and also in the storage folder located directly in the patient’s record.
  • Sorting of inbound mails. E-mail messages are sorted by clinical or administrative status. Messages are forward to the appropriate users that have the permissions to view the messages.
  • Privacy protection. All messages from outside your network are received in the Master Account. Only the administrators can access the Master Account and a copy or forwarding of the emails to the appropriate authorized reader allows the privacy and confidentiality protection of the messages.