I-Fax is easy to learn and use. It integrates smoothly with all EproMedical applications to simplify the fax management of documents to business partners and patients. You can even send or forward faxes via email to people who don’t have fax hardware or software. I-Fax is a powerful fax software package for your EproMedical Server that turns your network into a complete fax messaging system. Advanced faxing and messaging capabilities make I-Fax the perfect companion for your Eprosystem solution.

I-Fax Benefits

  • Efficient fax management
  • Ability to store faxes in the ViewPoint Master Account and in the storage folder within the patient record.
  • Reporting module that generates detailed, printable reports on sent and received faxes based on date range and/or recipient.
  • Powerful and Easy of use
  • Custom cover sheets.
  • Signature button to easily add a signature to outgoing faxes.
  • Ability to build a fax with information extracted from multiple modules.
  • Integration with ViewPoint email system and phone book.
  • Support for sending or forwarding faxes as email attachments.
  • Enhanced user interface to find information at a glance and navigate with ease.