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Partners – Dictum Health Inc.

Dictum Health Inc., with offices in Oakland, Calif., Portsmouth, N.H. and Dubai, UAE, provides an end-to-end telehealth solution that delivers the next evolution in the continuum of care for population health. Built upon Dictum Health’s FDA-cleared, cybersecure IDM 100 medical tablet, this mobile and HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based telehealth solution connects physicians, patients and other members of the care team through a Virtual Exam Room (VER) with simultaneous real-time health-data streaming of vital sign and cardio pulmonary diagnostic information. Care Central provides web-enabled access from desktop, laptop or tablet and interfaces with electronic health record (EHR) systems, providing a comprehensive view of the patient. The result is the same clinical accuracy as an in-office exam for “Clinical Care Anytime, Anywhere.” For more information visit www.dictumhealth.com.

Components-Based Modular Architecture

Eprosystem’s Components-Based Modular Architecture

Eprosystem’s innovative Components-Based Modular Architecture provides our customers with the flexibility to choose exactly what they want and need in their software systems through custom selection of modules.

  • Clinical Modules
  • Financial and Administrative Modules
  • Communication Modules

Eprosystem Integrated Servers

Integrated Server Solutions

At Eprosystem, we believe our role is to engineer out complexity and costs, and to incorporate software and hardware innovations into highly-integrated servers that enable medical organizations to focus on meeting their business objectives.

Clinical Servers

  • MedEssential
  • MedAdvantage

Financial Servers

  • Admin Express
  • Admin Plus
EproMedical Systems
  • EproMedical
  • EproMedical Enhanced
ProLogic Servers
MedStation Workstations