Wireless Network

Get Mobile with Wireless LANs

For quite some time, corporations have been reaping significant ROI (return on investment) of wireless LANs (Local Area Networks) for mobile applications. Healthcare has traditionally been slow but are accelerating in pace to begin adapting their clinical and financial systems to wireless networks. Healthcare has realized that to get the ease of use that providers had with paper and pen based system and to also have the benefits from digital records, one of few ways is to use wireless.

Why Deploy Wireless LANs for Your Organization?

1. Increase Efficiency and Productivity Enterprise-wide
Unquestionably, healthcare needs to be untethered. Much of the drive behind wireless in healthcare comes from the needs to access and enter information at any points within the enterprise. Tablet PCs that let you call up registration forms and insurance information, as well as test results and radiology reports. The convenience and flexibility of data mobility, bring significant gains in efficiency and productivity for any organization.


2. Simpler Installation
With wireless LANs, there is no need to run cabling directly to each user. This makes installation faster and less expensive than wired networks. Wireless LANs normally include multiple access points that support wireless connectivity for users within a building. Often, the wireless LAN overlays an existing wired Ethernet network. A wireless LAN enables users, however, to unplug and begin reaping benefits of mobile networking. Sufficient access points enable wireless users to automatically associate with the wireless LAN from anywhere inside the facility. In order to support roaming, a distribution system, such as Ethernet, connects the access points to the organization network.


3. Enhanced Security Solutions
Because radio waves propagate through walls, possibly outside the physically controlled space, wireless LANs pose a security threat unless sufficient mechanisms are put in place. Over the past decade, organizations have been learning hard lessons regarding Wireless LAN Security. Eprosystem has developed corresponding security solutions to ensure adequate protection and offers procedures to guarantee the privacy and security of your patients data.