Transcription Services

Immediate Availability of Reports

Eprosystem On-Time Transcription services are the most comprehensive transcription solutions for addressing the demands of today’s changing healthcare documentation environment. We offers full outsource, partial outsource or overflow transcription services with a full array of flexible solutions that can be designed to meet your specific needs. Our services integrate seamlessly with your EproMedical, MedEssential or MedAdvantage clinical server to provide the most effective transcription solution for your facility.

Eprosystem On-Time Transcription is a method of transcription that occurs directly inside your system and with the shortest time from dictation to report. With On-Time Transcription, our transcriptionist has a secure and direct access via VPN tunnels to your EproMedical, MedAdvantage or MedEssential clinical server and transcribes dictated reports directly into your clinical modules. As soon as our transcriptionist has completed a report, it is saved into the proper clinical modules and a comprehensive report is immediately available for you to review.

Benefits of On-Time Transcription Services

The benefits of On-Time Transcription are numerous and comprehensive in scope. For healthcare facilities striving to achieve a balance between often competing interests, from cost reduction, improved information security, enhanced productivity to simplifying the dictation and approval process for physicians, Eprosystem can deliver solutions that meet these challenges head-on.

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