Scanning and Indexing

Enabling Your Information to Work For You…

Eprosystem provides paper file conversion outsourcing services that enable you to successfully unlock the true value of the information contained in your patients records. Scanning and Indexing Services and Solutions free information trapped in the paper charts, transforming it into usable content.

Our solutions, coupled with proven implementation methods, deliver on the promise of enabling on-demand information access and the goal of a paperless organization. Our complete scanning and indexing services can provide the right offering for your organization’s mission critical paper documents. The solutions are reliable, maintainable, and scalable to meet your business needs. With the addition of our offsite data storage service, we provide your organization with added security in the event of physical damage, server failure or computer virus.

By implementing solutions that enable employees to focus on the job-at-hand, as compared to traditional paper-based document management systems which are extremely labor intensive and deficient. The benefits of having critical patients documents as digital files are significant and directly impact your performance and profits.
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