TimeLogic Extension

Imagine how simple life would be if your referring providers could book an appointment at their practice locations as if you were there yourself. No more phone calls to your office and no more making their patients wait while the front desk at your office checks for openings.

That’s the power of TimeLogic Extension — the affordable add-on scheduling module for your referring providers.

Every referring provider practice is on the same page, TimeLogic Extension links all of your referring provider practices to your facility centralized scheduling system so that you can share information effortlessly. Check the availability of a practitioner, room or resource at your location and make the appointment from their own office. Based on Eprosystem’s intuitive TimeLogic Scheduler, your referring provider’s front desk can be up and running after just one short training session.

Instant networking

Each practice only needs a high-speed internet connection to share data with your office across the street or across the country. Changes are updated at each practice in real time, so every user is always in sync.

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