Healthcare is an information-intensive industry and despite the recent advancements in information technology, they have made minimal impact on the industry. Healthcare providers working in organizations such as hospitals, clinics, physician practices, and other care delivery centers are facing with mounting challenges. Rising demand for quality care at lower cost, preventable medical errors due to paper based processes, keeping up-to-date with critical information, redundant input, access to real time actionable data, securing patient privacy, correlating data from multiple applications, and increased medical malpractice costs are reshaping the industry like never before.

As healthcare moves toward patient-centric care system, the demand for personalized information is enormous, PortalMED can help improve the speed, efficiency, and effectiveness of care-providers when dealing with administrative and clinical information as well as with fellow providers, administrators, and patients. Quality decisions can be made in a timely manner, helping to promote improved medical outcomes as well as patient satisfaction. PortalMED can transform the organization’s web portal to become a central point of interaction for all members of the healthcare team, where different users can have the ability to easily access and interact with real time knowledge about the patient, disease, and treatment protocols—in a secure fashion—virtually anywhere, at any time, and from almost any device.

PortalMED Benefits

  • Provides personalized, Web-based information delivery system that allows different users to access critical knowledge, while helping to ensure patient privacy.
  • Ability to increase patient satisfaction and knowledge by improving access to secure and personalized medical and financial information.
  • Potentially reduce medical errors and administrative expenses resulting from paper-based processes and redundant input.
  • Streamline business processes, enhance operational efficiency and contain costs by moving to a central point of interaction personalized by role.
  • Gather, and present structured and unstructured data from clinical and administrative diverse applications.