MedCom Messenger

MedCom Messenger is designed to unleash the power of communication so that all parts of your business are seamlessly connected in real time. The power of communication gives context to a user’s availability and enables instant exchange of information regardless of location or device.

Information exchange happens more efficiently, business processes are streamlined, and decisions are expedited. MedCom Messenger let you extend communication into any application, transforming it into a real-time tool to instantly connect people and information. And because it is secure and extensible, MedCom is yours to harness and customize for maximum impact on your business.

If you’re a growing medical organization with limited information technology (IT) resources, and recognize the benefits of enterprise instant messaging (EIM), MedCom is the solution. MedCom is designed for any healthcare facility offering integration with EproMedical Server and collaboration features like presence-based instant messaging (IM) and text conferencing in a secure messaging environment.

If you’re looking for the benefits of a person-to-person IM system, that integrates with your existing EproMedical Server and includes advanced features to manage and integrate communication across your enterprise applications, look to MedCom Messenger.